Quality αn important factor for nursing

A central theme in a health care system is that patients should be satisfied with the health care that is provided from the health services. The social interest for the health promotion is increasing daily. Nurses, which are the “cornerstone” of health care services, have to insure, more than ever, high standards of care to the patients. The meaning of quality is multi-dimensional and is often measured in terms of patient satisfaction. The scientific, management, patient and social views distinguish quality. Factors that affect quality are many, so internal as external. The further analysis of quality will enhance nursing theory, research and practice. This paper examines the quality, which is important so as to simple people as to health scientists. Issues such as definition of quality, interpretation, perspectives and factors that influence quality will be discussed and analyzed. Consequences for nursing are also listed and alternatives are proposed. This paper will also try to motivate clinical-educational nurses and students to be more interested in the area of quality.

Category: Volume 45, N 3
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Created Date: 15-09-2006
Authors: Nick A. Βakalis , Georgia Theodorakopoulou