Volume 55, N 4

«Οι γονείς ενός 8χρονου αγοριού προσέρχονται στο Tμήμα Eπειγόντων Περιστατικών γενικού νοσοκομείου. Το παιδί αιμορραγεί από το άνω βλέφαρο ..
Abstract: The problem of children's sexual abuse is very difficult to be defined not only due to its complexity ..
Introduction: Workplace bullying is a research field worldwide, as it influences negatively the employees, who have been either victims ..
Introduction: Globaly, stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability with serious impact on personal, family and social level. ..
Background: Cancer patients experience multiple symptoms which may be caused by the disease itself or its treatment. Factors like ..
Introduction: Permanent pacemaker implantation aim not only at extending, but also at reaching a better quality of life for ..