Volume 50, N 3

Oι λέξεις που χρησιμοποιούμε σχηματίζουν έννοιες στους συνομιλητές μας, σε κοινωνικές και επαγγελματικές καταστάσεις και είναι σημαντικό να επιλέγουμε ..
Chronotherapy is a method of administration of drugs in specific combinations and at specific times, in order to achieve ..
Background: Genetic counselling is one of the most important processes of genetic services, because the problems caused by genetic ..
Background: Supervision is sometimes used interchangeably with terms such as mentorship, preceptorship, and facilitation. Clinical supervision, however, constitutes another ..
Background: Bronchial asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease, which causes recurrent episodes of dyspnoea, wheezing and cough. It ..
Background: Neurotoxic side effects occur frequently in patients receiving chemotherapy regimes and are related to the cumulative dose, dose ..