Volume 54, N 1

Η νόσος από τον ιό Ebola, παλαιότερα ονομαζόμενη αιμορραγικός πυρετός Ebola, είναι βαριά, θανατηφόρος που προκαλείται από τον Ebola ..
Publication in health sciences journals is the most important tool for the dissemination of scientific knowledge. Particular attention and ..
Introduction: The traditional therapeutic approaches to cancer constitute, to date, the most important techniques of treatment, with significant response ..
Introduction: Preoperative airway assessment is mainly performed using the Mallampati scale. Aim: Evaluation of the specificity, sensitivity, and positive ..
Introduction: Demographic aging, resulting from increasing life expectancy and a decrease in the rates of both birth and mortality, ..
Introduction: Disaster events require the development of disaster management strategies. Nurses play a key role in disaster management. Aim: ..