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Category: Volume 55, N 4
Introduction: Globaly, stroke is the leading cause of long-term disability with serious impact on personal, family and social level. ..
Category: Volume 52, N 1
Introduction: Palliative care is considered to be the active integrated (complete) care for people to address problems associated with ..
Category: Volume 49, N 2
School Health Education responds to the increasing needs of modern education, as its targets and contents ensure better learning ..
Category: Volume 49, N 2
Background: The numbers of children with learning disabilities are increasing. Recently efforts have been made to identify the biological, ..
Category: Volume 48, N 4
Oral health is integral to population’s general health and essential for the individuals’ well-being. The influence of oral health ..
Category: Volume 47, N 3
The development of the primary health care system in Greece has followed diachronically the development line of the general ..