Health Education: An Important Factor for School Education and Public Health

School Health Education responds to the increasing needs of modern education, as its targets and contents ensure better learning outcomes. This article explores certain issues regarding the different messages that health education provides in addition to those that society and media promote, the difficulties encountered in directly assessing the results of health education programmes, and curriculum planning and flexibility. It explores the role of teachers in health education and their preparation for responding to this demanding role. Suggestions are made for the development of health education programmes in Greek schools through collaboration and partnership between policy makers, school members, health scientists and community leaders for the development of effective strategies, including resources, professional development and training opportunities for teachers, curriculum planning and guidelines. Emphasis is placed on the importance of the involvement of health professionals, and in particular school nurses, in the implementation of health policies in Greek schools.

Category: Volume 49, N 2
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Created Date: 15-06-2010
Authors: Vasiliki Ioannidi , Athena Kalokerinou-Anagnostopoulou