Musculoskeletal Disorders and their Burden on Nursing Staff

Introduction: Nursing as a profession exerts a particular burden on the musculoskeletal system due to the activities required in its practice, including frequent lifting and moving of patients, carrying materials and the handling or transportation of special equipment. Aim: To record musculoskeletal disorders and investigate the potential risk factors related to the working conditions of nursing staff in general hospitals in Central Macedonia. Method: A cross-sectional study was conducted, using the general Nordic Musculoskeletal symptoms Questionnaire (NMQ) which was distributed to 600 members of the nursing staff in Central Macedonia in May 2013, of which 440 (73%) were completed. Statistical analysis was performed using the Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), v. 10.0, with the use of descriptive statistics and the chi-square test. Results: A large percentage (85%) of the responding nurses had manifested a musculoskeletal disorder in the previous 6 months, such as lower back pain and pain in the neck and hands, and they believe that their work is an important risk factor for these symptoms. It was also reported that 63% had needed to be absent from work due to musculoskeletal disorders. Training of the nursing staff in ergonomics was considered insufficient. Conclusions: Musculoskeletal disorders are associated with the work activities of the nursing staff, specific to each work department. Relevant education in ergonomics could contribute to the prevention of musculoskeletal disorders among nurses.

Category: Volume 53, N 2
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Created Date: 15-06-2014
Authors: Athanasios Bitsios , Asimenia Gioftsidou , Paraskevi Malliou , Anastasia Beneka