Relationship Between Leptin Levels (in Pregnant Women and Placenta) and Glucose Metabolism and other Metabolic Parametres in Full Term Pregnant Women

Letpin is an important hormone for the pregnant woman and for the intrauterine growth. Objective: In this study, we aimed to investigate the relationships between leptin levels - from the mother and umbilical cord-and various metabolic parameters as well as anthropometric measurements of in the newborn. Methods: Forty mothers and newborns were included in the study. All women had terminated the pregnancy by caesarean section. Leptin levels were measured in mothers and in cord blood. In our study we used a multi variable questionnaire (name, age, gravida, diabetes mellitus, thyroid disease etc.). Anthropometric measurements in the newborn, maternal weight at the end of the pregnancy and the weight of newborn at delivery were recorded. The study data were analyzed using SPSS version 23 statistical package and Pearson correlation and t-test were applied. Results: Leptin median value in mother’s blood (Lm) (42,7673) was significantly higher than umbilical cord’s leptin median value (Lp) (17,7003). Standard deviation values were not significantly high concerning age, weight and mother’s leptin values in comparison with placenta values. T-test showed that qualitative parameters did not affect the quantitative ones because the difference among the median levels of quantitative parameters according to the presence of e.g. thyroid disease or diabetes mellitus was statistically insignificant. Conclusion: Reference intervals for leptin in maternal serum and in cord blood established in normal pregnancy could be used in clinical practice for interpreting the differences in leptin concentrations found in normal pregnancy and with glucose metabolism and other various metabolic parameters.