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Category: Volume 55, N 4
Introduction: Workplace bullying is a research field worldwide, as it influences negatively the employees, who have been either victims ..
Category: Volume 55, N 2
Introduction: Quality of health services is a “most wanted” goal in modern societies and their evaluation necessary in order ..
Category: Volume 54, N 4
Introduction: The informational behavior of “consumers - buyers” of health services is a particularly interesting field of research since ..
Category: Volume 54, N 4
Background: The anesthesia is a reversible pharmacological condition which is caused by the administration of anesthetic drugs. The maintenance ..
Category: Volume 52, N 4
Introduction: The number of patients presenting to emergency departments (ED) worldwide is increasing and this trend is unlikely to ..
Category: Volume 52, N 3
Introduction: The difficult airway and its alternative ways of management are a daily challenge. Possible complications include death, brain ..