The impact of new technologies on the quality of healthcare

Introduction: Healthcare sector continues to face numerous emerging challenges, including increasing demand for improved service quality in order to remain competitive. In addition to what previously mentioned, there is a global trend toward exploiting the potential of new technologies to enhance the quality and safety of health care.

Purpose:The purpose of this dissertation is to review evidence on the potential impact of new technologies on the quality of health care.

Material and methods: We searched PubMed, google scholar, Embase, for English-language articles that have been published in the last decade, concerning the impact of technology on the quality of health care.

Results: The study showed that the use of various applications of medical technology in the healthcare sector can significantly help workers and health service providers to improve the quality of health care services.

Conclusions: Numerous studies have shown that new technologies can have an impact on quality improvement in health care services. However, the biggest challenge lies in creating realistic expectations of what can be achieved through technology, without neglecting the contribution of the human factor.

Category: Volume 61, Issue 4
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Created Date: 08-03-2023
Authors: Michael Agraniotis , Dimitroula Mitsi , Evangelos C. Fradelos