The organizational frame of the Greek Primary Health Care system

The development of the primary health care system in Greece has followed diachronically the development line of the general health care system. Very important steps have been made, but it is not possible to endorse that this is a well-organized, structured and effective subsystem, similar to those functioning in other countries. It is generally accepted that the way of organization and management of the primary health care system are determinants of the economic efficiency of the general health care system and citizens’ satisfaction too. This review aims to present the importance of the primary health care system regarding the general health system. In addition, it presents the statutory frame and the serious problems which this section faces in our country. Finally, it investigates a series of interventions and measures to improve organization, administration and efficiency. All these will be achieved with the modern health care system triptych, which aims at updating, low cost and quality too.

Category: Volume 47, N 3
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Created Date: 15-09-2008
Authors: Theodoula Adamakidou , Athena Kalokerinou-Anagnostopoulou