Quality, throughout the ages, constitutes the cornerstone of meeting the needs and expectations of the customer- user of a ..
Introduction: Oral mucositis reduces the effectiveness of anticancer therapy, delays the start of treatment protocols, creates dangerous and potentially ..
Introduction: Conflicts between individuals and groups in the workplace are commonplace and affect the proper functioning of each organization. ..
Introduction: Health systems nowadays target on providing quality and safe health care, areas that are positively evaluated by healthcare ..
Introduction: Preparedness for natural and technological disasters is a fundamental obligation of hospitals. The health system, including hospitals and ..
Εισαγωγή: Η ετοιμότητα έναντι φυσικών και τεχνολογικών καταστροφών αποτελεί θεμελιώδη υποχρέωση των σύγχρονων νοσοκομείων. Σημαντικό ρόλο και στα τέσσερα ..