Εισαγωγή: Η κρυψορχία είναι η συνηθέστερη συγγενής ανωμαλία του ουρο- γεννητικού συστήματος και διορθώνεται με τη μέθοδο της ορχεοπηξίας, ..
Introduction:  Lifelong learning is a necessity for the modern nurse and can be facilitated by the widespread development and ..
Quality, throughout the ages, constitutes the cornerstone of meeting the needs and expectations of the customer- user of a ..
Introduction: Oral mucositis reduces the effectiveness of anticancer therapy, delays the start of treatment protocols, creates dangerous and potentially ..
Introduction: Conflicts between individuals and groups in the workplace are commonplace and affect the proper functioning of each organization. ..
Introduction: Health systems nowadays target on providing quality and safe health care, areas that are positively evaluated by healthcare ..