The Contribution of the Increase in Heart rate Variability (HRV) to Stress Management and the Protection of the Body from Diseases

Abstract: Scientific research has been focused on stress research for many years, the answer to which is anxiety, its consequences, and its effective ways of dealing with it. Taking into account the fact that everything is changing in our environment at all times, we realize the great need to maintain our internal and external homeostasis, which is achieved by harmonizing to new conditions and relaxation. This requires a person's flexibility in day-to-day changes as the stress created by them is a source of many physical and mental health problems, while at the same time significantly reduce the quality of life, and this has the effect of provoking interest in studying ways to contribute to limit it. The biofeedback HRV method, as a method of neurophysiology, is one of the solutions recommended to achieve the management of daily stress and protect the body from its harmful effects. The scientific community has presented a plethora of research data on the subject, and for this reason, this publication examines the HRV biofeedback method, which aims to increase the heart rate variability, and presents data from studies using HRV.

Category: Volume 58, N 4
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Created Date: 15-12-2019
Authors: Eleftheria Zafeirι , Sofia Zyga , Georgios I. Panoutsopoulos