Regulations of operation of operating rooms in Greece – Part I

Regulations of operation of operating rooms constitute the base for the good organisation and management of operating rooms. The present study examines the existence and the frame in which these regulations were modulated and put into practice. AIM (a) The investigation regarding existence of regulations of operation of the Greek operating rooms and the problems in their application. (b) The investigation of nursing administration’s opinions with regard to the regulation. (c) The investigation and recording of opinions of nursing administration with regard to the content these regulations have in operating rooms in Greece. In the present paper (part I), there are described the aim, the material-method as well as the results and conclusions-discussion concerning the first and second aim. In the part II of the study, which will be published in the next issue of the same journal, the results and the conclusions-discussion that concerning the third aim will be reported. MATERIAL-METHOD This was a descriptive realised study. The data collection became via questionnaires that were posted in 197 hospitals and 53 were collected (26.9%). RESULTS The existence of regulation of operation is reported from 49 (53.1%) hospitals. It puzzles that only in the 30.6% of the cases it is written. In the 51% of the cases the regulation is applied satisfactorily but could be applied much better. Those who face problems with the application (34.6%) report as main cause bad organisation (26.5%) and they believe that problems will be solved mainly with the support from the hospital administration (46.9%), briefing and information (42.9%). CONCLUSIONS The number of Greek hospitals which allocate regulation of operation of operating rooms is not considered satisfactory.

Category: Volume 46, N 1
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Created Date: 15-03-2007
Authors: Evangelos Dousis , Athina Kalokairinou