The Lack of Vaccine in the Recent COVID-19 Pandemic and the Silence of Anti-vaccination Activists

In the long course of humanity, pandemics have always had a special place and changed the world with the size of participation to the number of deaths in the community and to the progress of medical science. Throughout history, there have been a number of pandemics: cholera, bubonic plague, influenza, smallpox is some of the most brutal killers in human history. In the world of infectious diseases, a pandemic is the worst-case scenario. When an epidemic spread beyond a country’s borders, that’s when the disease officially becomes a pandemic. Infectious diseases have always had civilization and evolution altering consequences. Vaccination is considered to be one of the greatest achievements of public health. Vaccination programs have contributed to the decline in mortality and morbidity of various infectious diseases, and are credited with the elimination of poliomyelitis and the worldwide eradication of smallpox. Vaccine hesitancy is believed to be responsible for decreasing vaccine coverage and an increasing risk of vaccine-preventable disease outbreaks and epidemics. At the pandemic period the most important issue was the role of scientists. After many years the decisions and the advices from scientists has been priority to the political decisions. The feature and the History will be justified or attribute responsibility for these decisions. In the current health crisis, human life has been valued more than economic indicators, and reminiscent of the real goal of public health authorities. The probability of finding a new vaccine us soon is possible will be further weaken the arguments of anti-vaxxers.

Category: Volume 59, N 4
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Created Date: 11-02-2021
Authors: Dimitrios Papagiannis