The Role of the Special Adviser (Manager) and Proposed Targeted Interventions for the Modernization of the National Health System

Introduction: The fragmented and centralized structure of the National Health System (NHS) makes it imperative to develop the role of the Special Adviser who will design and plan goals that, using appropriate management tools, will lift Greece's health status end. Purpose: The purpose of this work is to: (a) present the knowledge and skills of the Specialist in the field of health; (b) analyze the proposed objectives in the field of health; and (c) analyze the management tools for achieving the above goals in the light of improvement, the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of health services provided. Material and Method: Data collection was based on the contemporary search of Greek and international databases of the last decade in the online databases of Medline OvidSP, Cinahl, PubMed publisher and Google Scholar. Results: This new position of Specialist Health advisor has emerged from the current health care situation, where he/she must knows the structure of business analysis, strategic planning, planning, human resources management, financial resources management and internal control of health units. In addition, three objectives that could potentially change the chaotic environment of health are analyzed: (a) public-private partnerships, (b) the development of primary care, and (c) the rational management of human resources through the use of relevant administrative Data Envelopment Analysis, Balanced Scorecard and logistics tools. Conclusions: The new order of things in the health sector calls for the role of the dedicated health advisor to plan, innovative practices with the help of management tools that will improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of health units.

Category: Volume 59, N 1
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Created Date: 15-04-2020
Authors: Anna Patsopoulou