Nursing and theological access to death

The transition from life to death is invaluable to human existence. The emotions that people in the health care industry feel many times overwhelm and make them come in conflict with their beliefs and views. The process of death, the loss of human life and the period between life and death are the biggest challenges that they have to face in their duties. Nowadays various scientific and social standards are charging and new problems appear in nursing. The spiritual side of care is very difficult and demanding for those involved in care of patients. The vocational training, experience and personality of nurses make up their professional profile, through which they will provide high quality nursing care. Faced with the passing of human from life to death, health care professionals have thousands of questions and an increasing number of worries as they try to approach the dimension of death. Various scientific, social and religious theories try to give answers to multidimensional relationship between patient and nurse and how it is affected by death. The purpose of nurse is to always respect the value of human life and provide quality nursing care to every person who faces the stage of their life.

Category: Volume 46, N 4
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Created Date: 15-12-2007
Authors: George Katsimigas , Ekaterini Maragouti , Chara Spiliopoulou , Maria Gika