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Category: Volume 62, Issue 3
Introduction: Depression is a mental disorder  that causes mood disor- ders, which are characterized by a loss of control ..
Category: Volume 60, N 1
Aim: The study is aimed to investigate psychopathological symptoms caused by Internet addiction among Cyprus College Female students ..
Category: Volume 58, N 2
According to the Digital Agenda for Europe (2014–2020) enhancing digital literacy, skills and inclusion is one of the main priorities. All ..
Category: Volume 58, N 1
Work-related psychosocial risks and stress, together with their associated negative health and business outcomes affect a remarkable number of European ..
Category: Volume 57, N 2
Introduction: Health professionals have been shown to confront more often with the phenomenon of psychological violence at workplace compared ..
Category: Volume 57, N 1
Work-related stress has been identified at international, european and national level as a concern for both employers and workers. Stress can ..