Effectiveness of Methods of Prevention of Pressures on Health Structures

Introduction: Pressure ulcers are a major clinical problem for the restoration of people that have reduced mobility, and also for nurses that have as a goal the promotion and maintenance of health. Pressure ulcers have been recognized as one of the five reasons globally that cause harm to patients and have become one of the most expensive and physically exhausting complications from the beginning of the 20th century. In addition they are described as the measure of the quality of care that is provided by health care services. Aim: The systematic bibliographic review of this paper aims to investigate the effectiveness of methods of preventing pressure ulcers in health structures. Methodology: The search for the systematic bibliographic retrospect was based on electronic databases, such as AMS, Cinahl, Ebsco, Google Scholar, Medline, PubMed, Science Direct, Scopus for studies carried out after 2005. Then, it focuses on research articles in Greek and international bibliography, where they are categorised and analysed, while article exclusion is based on specific criteria. Results: Prevention of pressure ulcers can be achieved through the proper and appropriate intervention of the specialized health professionals involved in this and especially the nurses. Nurses with adequate knowledge and following guidelines and protocols play a key role in preventing and managing pressure ulcers. Finally, when pressure ulcer prevention measures are implemented, they reduce the cost of healthcare, reduce prolonged hospitalization, and reduce psychosocial and physical problems. Conclusions: Developing strategies for educating healthcare professionals, but also patients themselves and the family environment, to practices that should be applied to their everyday lives to avoid pressure ulcers is an important factor in quality health care.

Category: Volume 58, N 1
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Created Date: 15-03-2019
Authors: Andronikos Livadiotis , Stavroula Andrea-Apostolidou , Marios Vassiliou