The necessity of continuing education for mental health nurses

Introduction: Rapid technological advances, the introduction of new information, reforms and the complexity of diseases in the health sector make Continuing Education (CE) in Mental Health Nursing imperative.

Aim: The aim of this study is to review and synthesize the existing literature that documents the need for CE in mental health nurses.

Methodology: This is a descriptive review of the published literature. A literature search of scientific articles in the electronic databases Medline (PubMed) and Scopus, from 1990 to the present, was performed. The criteria for inclusion of an article in the study were: The language of publication of the article must be English, it must be completely relevant to the topic of the study, it must be a research study, it must be published in a reputable scientific journal and it must be published from 1990 onwards.

Results: The CE for mental health nurses contributes to the acquisition and updating of knowledge, development of skills, optimization of communication techniques, more effective management of mental illness, professional development and improved quality of care.

Conclusions: The debate that has developed around “adult education” in recent decades is not accidental, as it is the result of rapid changes in society and the global economy. It has become clear to mental health nurses that the necessity of CPD is a key component of personal and professional development and also contributes to the quality of mental health services. 

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