Contribution of Varenicline Treatment to Smoking Cessation of Patients with Acute Coronary Syndrome

Introduction: The contribution of varenicline therapy to smoking cessation of patients with acute coronary syndrome in combination with counseling is an alternative way to successfully smoking cessation. Purpose: The purpose of the presence research was to investigate the efficacy of varenicline in combination with intensive smoking cessation counseling during a 6 month cardiac rehabilitation program in patients after an acute coronary syndrome. Material and Μethod: The sample of the study consisted of 73 patients who visited the Emergency Department due to an acute cardiac event and attended smoking cessation program with varenicline and intensive counselling. The statistical data was collected after the patients’ fulfillment of a specifically designed for the study purposes Questionnaire. The statistical analysis was performed by applying the chi-square test and the significance level was set to <0.05. People aged less than 60 years of age more frequently observed the effect of nausea p=0.024 and people living in Athens more often asked for help-encouragement from 3 times and above, p=0.031, like those with co-morbidity, p=0.038. Individuals who had also attempted smoking cessation in the past, more often receive varenicline for more than 3 weeks, p=0.001, have not smoked during the last week, p=0.033, more often looked for extra help-encouragement during the treatment period, p=0.013, did not change dietary habits after initiation of treatment, p=0.011, did not reduce the amount of salt, p=0.039 nor fat, p=0.035 as well as sweets, p=0.034. Well-informed patients receive varenicline for 3 weeks and more, p=0.028 and prefer the gym as a physical exercise, p=0.027. Conclusions: The pharmaceutical method with the use of varenicline in combination with counselling has quite positive results and is able to contribute to smoking cessation.

Category: Volume 57, N 4
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Created Date: 15-12-2018
Authors: Georgia Roumeliotaki , Eleni Kyritsi , Dimitrios Koukoularis , Georgia-Elpida Tsipoliti , Eftychia Evangelidou