The Relationship between Quality of Health Services and Patient Safety Culture

Introduction: The safety culture relates to the views of health professionals with regard to safety conditions prevailing within the health unit in which they work and the initiatives undertaken in order to ensure the safety of patients. Provide the best available care to the patient and to ensure the necessary conditions and requirements, which help to achieve the best result, determine the quality of health services. Purpose: The purpose of this review is to investigate the relationship between the culture of patient safety by providing quality health services. Material and Method: Systematic literature search was conducted using electronic databases Google Scholar, PubMed and Medscape. Used articles in Greek and English language. The keywords used in the search of articles were "Safety Culture", "Health Services Quality", "Medical Errors", "Cooperation". Secondary search was conducted by the references of the articles found during the initial search. Results: The adoption of patient safety culture from the administrations of health units and health professionals is a very difficult and time-consuming process requiring the taking of initiatives but also the acceptance of the necessity of application. The optimization of processes that contribute to the efficient functioning of an organization, ensures the provision of quality health services. The safety in the health sector is directly related to the quality of service for which the guarantee becomes very great effort in recent years by all operators. The increased quality of provided health services contributes to taking greater satisfaction among patients and their escorts, achieving the best possible results. Conclusions: In modern times, occur more intense interest in health services with higher quality characteristics that meet the needs and expectations of their users. The outcome of the health of patients and the efficacy of health unit level are determined by the safety culture that is applied as a very important dimension of quality of health services.

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Created Date: 15-03-2018
Authors: Ioanna Avgoustidou