Psychosocial Disorders in Childhood, Adolescence and Young Adult Life of Patients with Thalassaemia

Introduction: Despite advances in the treatment of thalassaemia, patients experience many and various psycho-social problems. Aim: The purpose of this study was to review the international literature about the psychosocial disorders of individuals with thalassaemia, of all ages. Method: A literature review was conducted for Greek and International publications, via the electronic databases: Scopus, Pubmed/Medline and Cinahl using specific key-words: psychosocial disorders thalassaemia, major thalassaemia psychosocial disorders and combinations of them. The sample consisted of articles published from 1985–2015, investigating psychosocial disorders in childhood, adolescence and adult life of patients with thalassaemia. Results: The literature review confirmed the existence of psychosocial disorders in children, adolescents and adults, with thalassaemia, in developing and developed countries. Specifically, individuals with thalassaemia experience anxiety, depression, social isolation, low self esteem, poor performance at school or work, and perceived diversity compared to healthy individuals. Early recognition and treatment of symptoms, aroused by psychosocial disorders, from health professionals could lead to better management of chronic thalassaemia and improve the quality of patients' lives. Conclusions: An effective strategy to address thalassaemia’s psychosocial disorders in Greece, requires interdisciplinary contributions of all the experts from the health sector.

Category: Volume 55, N 2
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Created Date: 15-06-2016
Authors: Ioannis Koutelekos , Nikolaos Haliasos