Risk Factors for the Development of Childhood Asthma

Introduction: Childhood asthma is the most common chronic disease of children. It is the most common reason for children’s visits to the doctor and the most frequent diagnosis in children who are hospitalized. Asthma is the condition that keeps children home from school more often than other chronic diseases and respiratory system problems. The pathogenesis in children is not yet verified, but it appears that both genetic and environmental factors play a role, including air pollution, indoor environmental factors, respiratory infections and dietary factors. It is necessary to identify the risk factors for childhood asthma in order for preventive measures to be taken to reduce the incidence of this disease. Aim: This is a literature review of the risk factors for childhood asthma. Method: A search was made of Greek and international literature related to the above issue in the databases PubMed, CINAHL plus with Full-text-EBSCO, Health and Medical, Nursing and Allied Health, Google Scholar, using the key-words “children’s asthma”, “environmental factors”, “breastfeeding”, “risk factors”, “maternal smoking”, “stress and children’s asthma”, “paracetamol”, “dust”, “humidity”, “smoke”. The review included publications of the period 2000-2013, mainly research articles. Results: Most of the studies used here concluded that there is a correlation between childhood asthma and certain foods, factors in the outside and the home environment, breastfeeding, maternal smoking and the consumption of paracetamol, although several confounding factors complicate clear interpretation of the results. Conclusions: Τhe role of nutrition, the home and natural environment, breastfeeding, maternal smoking and consumption of paracetamol appear to be important in the development of childhood asthma, and measures to modify these factors should be considered, so as to reduce the incidence of childhood asthma.

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Created Date: 15-09-2015
Authors: Kalliroi Puliou , Irene Mentziou