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Category: Volume 61, Issue 3
As preventive measures have been applied by authorities to reduce exposure to, and the spread of, COVID-19 pandemic, it ..
Category: Volume 57, N 1
Introduction: The prevalence of depression has been reported to be elevated in patients with rheumatic diseases. Rheumatic disease follows ..
Category: Volume 56, N 4
Introduction: Increased levels of anxiety are commonly reported by patients with rheumatic diseases in comparison to the general population. ..
Rheumatic diseases represent a broad spectrum of usually chronic conditions that can affect multiple organ or/and systems. Their impact involves not ..
Category: Volume 56, N 3
Introduction: The internet addiction phenomenon reads as characteristics the constant use and the addicted behavior from the internet itself, ..
Category: Volume 55, N 2
Introduction: A wide range of maladaptive cognitive structures and specific negative dysfunctional thoughts, beliefs, cognitions regarding the self, the ..