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Category: Volume 60, N 4
Introduction: The hippocampus is the deep structure of the temporal lobe of the cerebral hemispheres and plays an important ..
Category: Volume 57, N 4
Introduction: Effective analgesia and sedation, which often involve the administration of opioid analgesics, are essential for the physiological and ..
Category: Volume 56, N 4
Introduction: Research has shown that professional behavior is related to the image one holds for himself/herself and accordingly to ..
Category: Volume 55, N 4
«Οι γονείς ενός 8χρονου αγοριού προσέρχονται στο Tμήμα Eπειγόντων Περιστατικών γενικού νοσοκομείου. Το παιδί αιμορραγεί από το άνω βλέφαρο ..
Category: Volume 55, N 2
Introduction: Organizational climate refers to a set of long lasting characteristics of a unit’s internal environment, which can be ..