Our Global Mission to Improve Child and Adolescent Health

Amazingly, in our lifetime the unthinkable has happened; our world has become a global community. We are no longer isolated from each other by the immense geographic expanses of vast oceans that separate our world continents thousands of miles from each other. We are no longer reliant upon the real time constraints of having to travel across the many time zones to confer and collaborate with one another. Wondrous advances in technology and science have enabled us to reformulate our understanding of nursing professionalism and practice. We are no longer constrained by the limitations of an era now past. The concepts and understanding of professional nursing colleagues have undergone significant changes in meaning as our world has grown smaller. The global network of professional nursing colleagues who are involved with the development of nursing knowledge and evidence-based practice is no longer defined by limitations, either real or imagined. The electronic superhighway enables rapid access to one another never before thought possible. As communication is facilitated amongst colleagues beyond our national geographic boundaries, the term “colleagues” has been extended to those who live in other continents and many time zones away. Certainly the fact of being asked to write an editorial for this journal is a small example of this ability to communicate meaningfully and professionally on issues of mutual interest with one another that was impossible not so long ago.

Category: Volume 49, N 4
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Created Date: 15-12-2010
Authors: Cecily L. Betz