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Category: Volume 60, N 1
Introduction: Cancer and diabetes are diseases whose incidence is increasing globally. The two diseases have common risk factors. The ..
Category: Volume 58, N 3
Introduction: Quality of life is a subjective multidimensional concept is influenced by many factors. Nurses and patients have different ..
Category: Volume 49, N 4
Background: Breast self-examination is a simple and economical method for detecting breast cancer at an early stage. It is ..
Category: Volume 49, N 3
Introduction: A significant number of men suffering from cancer are faced with the prospect of infertility problems as a ..
Category: Volume 49, N 1
Background: Emotional intelligence is recognized to be a significant factor in both individual performance and organizational performance. It is ..
Category: Volume 45, N 4
Fatigue is one of the most prevalent symptoms in cancer patients. It has been reported to affect 70–95% of ..