The effect of parental presence and game during painful procedures in children

ΑΙΜ This study aimed to investigate the effect of parental presence and distraction of attention by game (kaleidoscope), in children undergoing painful procedures. MATERIAL-METHOD The sample consisted of 130 children, aged 7–10 years, hospitalized in a children’s hospital in Athens, from September 2006 up to March of 2007. It concerns a randomized study, with two experimental groups and one control group. For the data collection were used: (a) the verbal scale of pain (Verbal Report Scale), (b) the stress scale STAIC (State–Trait Anxiety Inventory for Children) and measurement of vital signs. RESULTS When parents are present, a decrease is observed in the child’s vital signs rates (P<0.001), in pain scale rate (P<0.001) and in total stress scores (P<0.001). Κaleidoscope affects less positively the reduction in vital signs’ rates, the confrontation of pain and stress. Moreover, older children have fewer breathings and lower mean blood pressure after the procedure (P<0.001 and P=0.003 respectively), while they feel less pain (P<0.001) and fear during it (P<0.001). CONCLUSIONS Parental presence is catalytic for the reduction of pain and fear that children feel, because of the invasive actions. Game helps in a lower degree.

Category: Volume 47, N 3
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Created Date: 15-09-2008
Authors: Anthi Chrisostomou , Vasiliki Matziou , Evangelos Dousis , Efrosyni Vlachioti , Hero Brokalaki