Diet recommendations from the Αmerican Heart Association (2006)

Improving diet and lifestyle is a critical component of the American Heart Association’s strategy for cardiovascular disease risk reduction in the general population. This article presents recommendations designed to meet this objective. The recommendations are to balance caloric intake and physical activity to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight, consume a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, choose whole-grain, high-fiber foods, consume fish at least twice a week, limit intake of saturated fat to <7% of energy, trans-fat to <1% of energy and cholesterol to <300 mg/day by choosing lean meats and vegetable alternatives, fat-free (skimmed) or low-fat (1% fat) dairy products and minimize intake of partially hydrogenated fats, minimize intake of beverages and food with added sugar, choose and prepare food with little or no salt, alcohol consumption in moderation. By adhering to these diet and lifestyle recommendations, we can substantially reduce our risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Category: Volume 47, N 3
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Created Date: 15-09-2008
Authors: Peter D. Chantzaridis , Kalliopi Panagiotopoulou