Health and illness Two contradicting forces of equilibrium in human entity An Orthodox Christian approach

This article presents an Orthodox Christian approach and aiming to investigate positive forces that are released when the inability of sickness and pain enters the human body. The concepts of health and illness, as two different aspects of life, are presented in the introduction as they always go together like day and night. Health and illness are two different forces that lead the person as a psychological entity to equilibrium. The approaches used were: (a) Understanding that the psychosomatic entity of the individual is the source of it’s physical being. (b) Pain from a disease is the center of equilibrium between the two contradicting forces of the human nature, that is, the somatic and the spiritual strength. (c) Pain stands in between the somatic nature and the spirit and connects the conscience to the eternity. (d) Illness as a live condition of abandonment and weakness, leads the individual to a process of rediscovering his personal philosophy. (e) Illness and pain creates to the person a large feeling of acceptance so that the therapeutic touch of God’s bless can affect him through his prayer. (f) Nursing interventions which come from patience, love and understanding equalizes the inability that illness produces.

Category: Volume 46, N 3
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Created Date: 15-09-2007
Authors: Frideriki Kiritsi