The contribution of standardisation and regulations of function in operation rooms management

The organization of operation room department requires a systematic effort of which the results have direct effect in the quality of offered services of health but also in the configuration suitable and attractive environment of work for the workers. Operation rooms are particular departments so that they function effectively it is necessarily a hierarchical organisational structure but also participative processes as the operation room coordinative committee which can play decisive role in the configuration of effective organisational structure in their operation. The particular characteristics of the operation rooms impose the enactment, creation and faith application of rules and provisions that concern their operation. These provisions are grouped in drivers and handbooks that determine roles, processes and policies and try import in the operation rooms their standardisation. This standardisation constitutes basic beginning of nursing and is the base for the application of beginnings of management, total quality management and benchmarking in the organisation of operation room department.

Category: Volume 45, N 2
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Created Date: 15-06-2006
Authors: Evangelos Dousis