Conflict resolution in hospital environment

Conflict is a common phenomenon in nursing practice and it’s resolution often requires a substantial amount of the nurse manager’s time. Conflict can occur in cases of discrepancy in values and opinions, as well as in cases of incompatible needs and goals between those involved. Sources of conflict in health care can be inequalities in power distribution, ambiguity over roles and responsibilities, different expectations, previous unresolved conflict. The impact of unresolved conflict includes loss of employee productivity, loss of morale and increased stress. The nurse manager can facilitate conflict resolution by identifying it’s source and recognizing the motives behind the conflicting parties, by inviting them to discuss and by encouraging the discovery of alternatives. If handled properly, conflict can have positive impact, for example it can motivate employees, stimulate creativity, serve as a medium for problems to surface and can prevent stagnation. Its necessary for all the nursing staff to receive training in conflict resolution, through continuing professional education courses.

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Created Date: 15-03-2006
Authors: Hariklia Stathopoulou