Abnormal ApoA, ApoB, Lp(a) Levels in Malignant Breast Neoplasms Patients under Chemotherapy

Introduction: Breast cancer is a major public health problem and the most common cancer in women. New treatment had led to improved outcomes and increased patient survival. Although chemotherapy is necessary to improve diseasefree survival as well as the overall survival of patients, it is associated with long-term side effects, including cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases are common complications after chemotherapy due to the direct cardio toxicity of chemotherapeutic drugs as well as drugs effect on lipid levels. Aim: The aim of the study was to monitor the change in ApoA, ApoB and Lp(a) in women with breast cancer under chemotherapy. Material and Method: 40 women with breast cancer with a mean age of 64±13 years and a mean body mass index of 30.4±5.6 were studied. Three consecutive measurements were performed before initiation, at baseline, and during the last chemotherapy of the first regimen. Repeated measurements Analysis of Variance and the Mc Nemar test were used to evaluate changes during follow up. Results: No in ApoA levels were found between 1st measurement to the 1st and 2nd reassessment (p>0.05). ApoB levels had a significant increase in the 1st reassessment (p=0.020), which remained significant in the 2nd reassessment (p=0.033). Regarding Lp(a) levels there was a statistically significant mean increase from the 1st measurement to the 2nd reassessment equal to 16.6 units (p=0.025). Conclusions: In breast cancer during chemotherapy there is a change in the values of ApoB and Lp(a) lipoprotein, which show a statistically significant increase from the 1st measurement to the 2nd reassessment. This highlights the need to monitor the lipid profile of breast cancer patients in order to reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular risk factors.

Category: Volume 60, N 3
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Created Date: 23-10-2021
Authors: Ekaterini Alimperti , Maria Tsironi , Rojas Gil Andrea Paola , Victoria Alikari , Maria Kyranou , Sofia Zyga