The impact of exergames on cancer related fatigue among pediatric oncology patients: A qualitative approach

Introduction: Cancer related fatigue is one of the most frequently reported and widespread symptoms experienced by pediatric oncology patients both during and after treatment. Participation in exercise has been shown to play a vital  role in reducing children’s perceived fatigue and at the same time is considered a safe and alternative intervention strategy.

Purpose: The purpose of the present study was to investigate the impact of exergames on cancer related fatigue among pediatric oncology patients. Material and Method: Six pediatric oncology patients volunteered, aged from five to nine years old, who had been diagnosed with different types of cancer. A 12-week exercise program was implemented, by using the Xbox Kinect™ console. Frequency of attendance was three times per week, while duration was thirty minutes per training session. Data were collected via observations and individual interviews with the children and with one of their parents.

Results: From the qualitative  data analysis three major themes were conducted: a) Decrease of treatment side effects, b) Decrease of sleep disturbances, c) Decrease of psychological distress.

Conclusions: In conclusion, the involvement of pediatric oncology patients in exergames, plays a decisive  role in reducing cancer-related fatigue, while at the same time provides the opportunity to the children to exercise in a safe and controlled environment during their free time in the hostel.

Κατηγορία: Volume 61, Issue 3
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Συγγραφείς: Semina Nani , Ourania Matsouka , Yannis Theodorakis , Panagiotis Antoniou